Getting Started…


To start a movement, a project, a travel often needs a lot of energy for the first steps. To build a (online-) platform around the topic of „beyond“ something needs even more of this.

Cause I experienced that many times and for this journey, for this quest about things beyond I needed the help of a lot of people… I am very proud to write the first lines into that blog, the first idea (which is not an insight).

The first idea:
Things do not have to be complete or finished if you share it with people. Let others be part of the journey, let them contribute ideas and dreams, give them space to thrive for their dreams…

May this be one of the pillars of the this website, of this journey – and help to create a shared visions, what could be beyond.

Lets stay in touch!!!

Frieder/ Fridolino/ FAI …

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