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we think in sentences (tractatus by Wittgenstein) ... and get inspired by images and music. am I wrong?

beyond words!!!

Open your heart and mind -  and take a closer look, take time. That sounds sooooo easy, but with all our expectations, routines and the tendency to act like our friends, partner and relatives (social desirability) - it´s a big task. Thats why

  • think twice
  • read between the lines
  • talk to people
  • question easy answers
  • listen to your heart

  • open your eyes
  • listen to (good) music
  • drink (good) coffee
  • meditate
  • recommend our website

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Lern-Kultur Check

How to describe your culture of learning? What are the key factors you should pay attentions to? An article by Friedrich A. Ittner and Dr. Sebastian Schlömer. (GER)

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Truly just one Culture of Learning?

How could we analyse Cultures of Learning? Is there a model to describe that topic in a systemic way? Have a look at the keynote slides of Friedrich - A. Ittner (GER)

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Dialogic OD & Coaching

Material based on the movement of a initiative called "International Network of Organizational Development & Coaching" (INOC)... triggering an integrated approach.

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